[Mageia-dev] Fresh install hangs during boot since yesterday

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Wed Nov 16 17:00:16 CET 2011

Since yesterday's updates, I've done repeated (3) fresh cauldron 
installs on a partition on an Acer Aspire One.  In each case, after 
mounting the partition from another working partition and rebuilding the 
initrd with radeon-firmware, booting the new partition gets to the point 
of putting up the Mageia splash screen, and then hangs for 10 or 15 
*minutes* before the DM finally starts.

It's not dead, because the dots on the splash screen turn blue (but at 
an extremely slow rate).  However, getty doesn't start, and the only two 
VCs are 7 (the splash screen) and 1, which has a few normal messages 
about the framebuffer

Syslog looks absolutely normal, with the exception of the following:

    systemd(1): plymouth-quit-wait.service operation timed out. Terminating.
    systemd(1): Unit plymouth-quit-wait.service entered failed state.

Apparently, whatever it is keeps rsyslog from starting, as the 
timestamps of all of the entries cover a span of about 5 seconds, and 
don't reflect the actual delay anywhere.  I'm guessing that rsyslog gets 
all the cached boot messages when it finally starts, and assigns the 
timestamps at that time.

A fresh cauldron install to a different partition, done a few days ago, 
does not have this problem.

Any ideas ?

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