[Mageia-dev] No boot after installation

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Fri Nov 18 14:09:14 CET 2011


Which mageia did you install? mageia1(or mageia2 alfa?) and from what 
installation medium? livecd/installDVD/netboot?

the best way to give us opportunity is to file a bugreport at 
http://bugs.mageia.org/ .

furthermore, Scientific linux, does that use grub2 or grub1?

where did you install the grub bootloader on during install? partition or 

Op vrijdag 18 november 2011 13:44:33 schreef Michel Catudal:
> I have encountered this issue when I installed the released mageia. I think
> I had a similar issue with Ubuntu. No such issue with Fedora, Centos or
> Scientific Linux.
> I have 3 1TB sata hard disks
> The first disk has
> xosl boot loader
> Free Dos
> gentoo
> FC15
> The second disk has
> Mageia
> Scientific Linux
> Centos
> The third disk has eComStation 3.1 (OS/2 Warp 4.5)
> When I installed it it would give me a boot error. I found out later that
> grub was not installed properly. The hard disks are installed in the right
> order.
> I did notice that xosl sees the reverse order for the 2nd and 3rd disk.
> When going in fdisk the order is correct.
> I then booted mageia using grub in Scientific Linux. I installed grub and
> it worked after that. I did notice when I tell grub to look for the boot
> it wrongly identified the drive as being the first one when it is actually
> the second drive.
> I am puzzled because if there is indeed an error on what the bios returns
> Scientific Linux and Centos would have screwed up too.
> Michel Catudal

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