[Mageia-dev] oxygen-gtk needed by gtk+2.0?

eatdirt dirteat at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 21:52:15 CET 2011

On 18/11/11 15:34, John Balcaen wrote:

>> I tried to remove it the hard way, rpm -e --nodep, and all my gtk windows
>> work good. So, are you sure about this? Maybe if not found, there is a
>> default behaviour.

> Probably because you already switch from oxygen-gtk to another style.
> So gtk apps are already using the theme you did choose.
> You should reinstall it, switch back to oxygen-gtk&  then remove it
> again to see if it's really pretty without it by default ;o)

In fact, I have just tested what you said on a basesystem-minimal.

1) install libgtk+2.0-devel

2) try the most basic gtk windows from "gtk-demo"

It is full of oxygen-gtk as expected, but without font :)

So, it looks like a Requires basic fonts is missing (gnu-free-* do the 

3) rpm -e --nodeps oxygen-gtk

(and rpm -e liboxygen-gtk)

try again gtk-demo, it works perfectly fine with simple widgets, which 
by the way are very fast.

SO, I am reiterating my statement that oxygen-gtk should *not* be a 
Requires :) Why not simply do a Suggests?

I am concerned about this because already on my 4 years old machine, the 
oxygen-gtk menu are slightly slower than the basic gtk. So I am pretty 
sure people with old machines won't be happy to have nice rounded blue 
slow menus.

What do you think?


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