[Mageia-dev] Changing default media names

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Nov 21 14:50:40 CET 2011

On Mon, 21 Nov 2011, Luc Menut wrote:

> Le 20/11/2011 19:43, nicolas vigier a écrit :
>> I suggest we replace them on Cauldron and later versions with names
>> like this :
>>   cauldron/x86_64/core/release
>>   cauldron/x86_64/debug/core/release
>>   cauldron/x86_64/core/updates
>>   cauldron/x86_64/debug/core/updates
>>   cauldron/x86_64/core/backports
>>   cauldron/x86_64/nonfree/release
>>   cauldron/i586/core/release
>>   cauldron/i586/core/updates
>>   ...
> I assume that they are only templates and not the real unique identifiers. 
> If not, how do you plan to manage multiple servers for a same media?

This is the default names that will be used when using urpmi.addmedia
--distrib. If the name is already used, urpmi.addmedia currently prepend
a number to the name.

It is also possible to specify a name when using urpmi.addmedia
--distrib. In that case, a string like this is prepended : " (nameN)" 
with N a number incremented for each media. Maybe this could be changed
to prefix with "name-" instead.

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