[Mageia-dev] Drakx-net or NetworkManager for Mageia 2

Manuel Hiebel manuel at hiebel.eu
Mon Nov 21 21:12:23 CET 2011

Le lundi 21 novembre 2011 à 15:02 -0500, Frank Griffin a écrit :
> On 11/21/2011 02:14 PM, Marianne Lombard wrote:
> >
> > What will Mageia team do ? Continue to maintain and enhance drakx-net 
> > or follow all others distributions with NetworkManager ?
> There are a number of serious problems with NM that have not, to my 
> knowledge, been dealt with.  It's particularly bad with wireless (which 
> is what Mageia tends to use it for the most); see bugs 856, 2160, 2416.  
> Or just google for NM problems (there's a ton of people having trouble 
> with it).
But we have also a lot a bugs against drakx-net (I guess the maintainer
is busy like all us)

Manuel Hiebel

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