[Mageia-dev] Changing default media names

Olivier Blin mageia at blino.org
Tue Nov 22 01:05:15 CET 2011

nicolas vigier <boklm at mars-attacks.org> writes:

> Ok, so everybody agree with changing the names with the proposal I made,
> and adding an optional description line in media.cfg on the mirrors and
> /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg for each media, to be displayed by rpmdrake in a
> description column in drakrpm-edit-media near the name ?

Also, we could probably use tabs to make the default interface for
drakrpm-edit-media simpler:
- one tab for release + updates media (i.e. the most useful for average
- one tab for backports media
- one tab for testing media
- one tab for debug + sources media

This would remove a lot of clutter from the current interface

Olivier Blin - blino

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