[Mageia-dev] Drakx-net or NetworkManager for Mageia 2

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 22 04:11:49 CET 2011

On 11/21/2011 09:41 PM, John Balcaen wrote:
> I did not say anything else.
> I personally don't use the rhplugin or the mdv before but always
> switch to keyfile.

Please understand that I have *never* modified any Mageia-installed NM 
configuration file.  I don't know what you mean by the mdv/rh/keyfile 
reference.  I've been through enough of this to understand that there's 
an NM config file that specifies a shell script file that comes in an 
*rh* (RedHat) and an *mdv* versions.  I have no idea what "keyfile" 
refers to.in this context.

>> And all of this goes to Cauldron, not 1.  I have never done an install of 1,
>> but always Cauldron with daily updates and periodic (~ every three weeks or
>> so ) fresh installs.
> On this initial bug report Mageia was providing the « old » 0.8.x
> version which in fact was only available in mageia 1 since dmorgan
> updated it to the 0.9 beta series once he started the migration to
> gnome3.

Fine.  I'm just pointing out that I wasn't testing with backlevelled 
code, but with Cauldron as current at the time.

> I wrote too fast here.
> I meant that you never wrote somewhere that you choose to use nm
> (especially since i can notice that ifplugd was playing with nm in the
> logs).

Umm, no, I never had to write that anywhere for the simple reason that I 
*didn't* choose to use NM.  Mageia chose to use it for me, because GNOME 
3 required it.  I didn't do one blessed thing to  encourage the use of 
NM in any way.

>> I agree but realize that if I have to use this to begin with, there's an NM
>> bug that is potentially severe enough to prevent distro deployment.
> I do understand&  that's why i suggested you to use the keyfile plugin
> in #865 instead of the « ifcfg-mdv plugin not maintained anymore in
> 0.8.x » or the rh plugin which also lacks some functionnality.

Which, referring to the same bug report, I did and reported  the 
results.  If there was a lesson to be learned there, it didn't get  
fixed in whatever version of the plugin Mageia uses by default.

>> Really, guys, I sympathize with the desire to move to something newer
>> supported by others.  But you have to be ready to deal with the issue of
>> back-breakage.
> I personally don't care if Mageia wants to switch to nm or stick to
> drakx-net, i was here to comment some bugs linked by you here.
> Nm is provided by mageia and it's far than enough for me because i'm
> able to use it without problem since Mageia 1. So as long as we have
> someone to deal/maintain with drakx-net we can still follow this road.
> [...]

I'm fine with that...

> Again here could you please test with the *keyfile* plugin&  if it's
> still broken with the native plugin report it upstream so we can get a
> bug fix for it ? (yes yet another fingers @ upstream :p )

I'll include that test in my next round.

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