[Mageia-dev] Weirdness with GnomeShell theme

JA Magallon jamagallon at ono.com
Fri Nov 25 01:01:53 CET 2011

Hi all...

I have just noticed that GnomeShell is doing strange things wrt windows
decorations. I've had always used the default Adwaita theme, I just
like it. Only changed font sizes.

Chasing another bug (a strange character trailing Mozilla Firefox window title...)
I tried to change window title font, and GS ignored me. I could not change even
the size. Other changes in gnome-tweak-tool are accepted immediately.

Well, lets try my children's/wife's accounts. That was worse, they don't
even have the default Adwaita theme (even if GTT says it is the one used).

It looks like something is forcing the settings for window decorations in

Any idea ? Where are these settings stored ? Can I just delete them from a terminal ?
(something in .gconf or the like).


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