[Mageia-dev] non-working uninstall trigger

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 15:07:51 CET 2011

Hello list.

bash-completion now uses dynamic function loading, making symlinks from 
/etc/bash_completion.d directory useless. I tried to reuse a 
post-install cleanup procedure based on trigger, so as to be fired only 
once during 1.2 -> 1.90 update:

triggerpostun scriptlet (using /bin/sh) -- bash-completion < 1.90
# drop dangling symlinks resulting from previous setup
find /etc/bash-completion.d -type l | xargs rm -f

For the record, I get my inspiration from this one, in the  setup package:

triggerpostun scriptlet (using /bin/sh) -- setup < 2.7.8
# the files is no more in setup starting from 2.7.8, it is now in nfs-utils
if [ -e /etc/exports.rpmsave ]; then
   mv -f /etc/exports.rpmsave /etc/exports && echo "warning: 
/etc/exports.rpmsave restored as /etc/exports"

However, it doesn't work... Is it a problem in my trigger specification, 
or did anything change in rpm ?

BOFH excuse #218:

The UPS doesn't have a battery backup.

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