[Mageia-dev] ffmpeg in mageia1 updates testing (revision 171164)

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Sat Nov 26 15:15:00 CET 2011

On 26.11.2011 09:54, zezinho wrote:
> Le samedi 26 novembre 2011 02:31:43, Anssi Hannula a écrit :
>> About 75% of the crash issues fixed by the above 0.7 commits affect mga1
>> 0.6.x, with a sample size of 70 commits.
> So maybe we should consider ffmpeg as Firefox : a software we must upgrade 
> because upstream fixes security only in latest version.

Unfortunately FFmpeg is much less 'stable' than firefox in both its
dependencies and API across different series. Meaning that upgrade of
FFmpeg often requires upgrade of libx264 (like in 0.6->0.7), or requires
changes in software that uses FFmpeg (0.6->0.7 doesn't, however).

The "easy" way out in this case could be upgrading FFmpeg 0.6->0.7 and
x264 and doing extensive Q&A to avoid breakage. The "hard" way is
backporting the ~200 relevant patches (most of which don't apply

Anssi Hannula

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