[Mageia-dev] RFC Compiz 0.9.x

Julien mjulien.m at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 19:28:30 CET 2011

Hi all,

Now that alpha 1 is out. I intend to push compiz to
core/release soon.
At the same time, I will make some modification to the packaging of
compiz and co :

 - rename compiz-fusion-plugins-(main|extra) to
   compiz-plugins-(main|extra), it's simpler and in line with upstream
 - rename fusion-icon to compiz-fusion-icon, it will be more discoverable
 - kill compiz-fusion, it's only a launcher script (named compiz-fusion), a
   empty pref file and require others compiz packages. In order to not
   break existing config, the script and the empty file will go in
   compiz package. Compiz itself will suggest ccsm and plugins.

Any objections ?


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