[Mageia-dev] RFC: Improvements for ioquake3 package and related games

Juan Luis Baptiste juancho at mageia.org
Mon Nov 28 05:47:19 CET 2011


As a FPS game lover, I do play a lot of ioquake3's derived games and
want to improve the support of them in Mageia. Fedora has an ioquake3
package which support several Quake III derived games with proprietary
license data. This are the games supported by this package:
- Official Quake III demo
- Urban Terror
- World Of Padman

The ioquake3 package creates a sub package for ioquake3 and each of
the supported games, and each of this packages include a script to
auto-download the proprietary license game data at first run of the
game using the autodownloader program. When any of the games listed
above is run, a window will popup displaying the game license and upon
agreeing on it, the script will download the game data from a
predefined list of mirrors and install it in the proper place.

Openarena is also supported to be used with ioquake3 engine instead of
it's own engine, but doesn't auto-download the game content, it will
use the openarena package in repos (as we currently do) for game data
files. Also we could use the same auto-download technique with other
games which already exist on the repos (openarena, alienarena,
sauerbraten, nexuiz), and save some gigabytes of space on mirrors, or
add support for other ioquake3-based games like Smokin' Guns (which I
plan to do soon).

I have already adapted this package to Mageia's policies and works
fine. The idea would be to replace our current ioquake3 package with
this new one so we can add support for the previous mentioned games.
Also it would be a good time to cleanup a little this package and
remove useless stuff like the old Loki installer ifdef's. I can put
the src package somewhere before replacing our ioquake3 package if
someone wants to take a look at it.



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