[Mageia-dev] Teamviewer and X86_64 build . . .

Pierre-Malo Denielou malo at doc.ic.ac.uk
Tue Nov 29 15:02:22 CET 2011

On 29/11/11 13:31, Robert Fox wrote:
>> Ah... and there it is...
>> This is how most threads like this ends up...
>> Many users seems to forget this is a community driven distribution,
>> so if you want something no-one of the current maintainers care
>> about, you need to do the work, and stop expecting others to do
>> it for you (unless you pay them)...
>> So here is a few general points for all users to think about:
>> * "I am not a packager"
>>    - so what stops you from becoming one?
>>    - everyone have had to start somewhere.
>>    - we have packagers that takes on apprentices,
>>      and you can always ask questions on mageia-dev@ ml
>>      and #mageia-dev on irc if you get stuck.
> How does one get a mentor?  I'd like to learn how to package.

That's a great idea!



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