[Mageia-dev] Removing obsolete packages

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Tue Nov 29 19:07:35 CET 2011


When a package is no longer supported, without being replaced by an
other package, and needs to be removed from the distribution, the
current procedure is :
 - move the package on svn to obsolete directory
 - ask a sysadmin to manually remove the package from repositories

Instead of asking a sysadmin to do it, I propose that we create a
package task-obsolete, with obsoletes on all packages that need to be
removed, so that the removing of the package will be done by youri.
I think it would be better :
 - anybody with commit access can do it without asking a sysadmin
 - we can have a list and logs of packages dropped since previous Mageia
   release, which can be useful when writting release notes
 - users who don't want to keep unsupported packages installed on their
   system can install the package to remove them

What do you think ?

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