[Mageia-dev] glibc-debug missing libc symbols ?

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 29 20:32:59 CET 2011

Apologies in advance if I'm just missing something obvious, but after 
installing glibc-debug, it seems that there are no debugging symbol 
files for common libc routines, e.g. vsnprintf(), even though their 
source is included in the package:

[root at ftgme2 ld.so.conf.d]# cd /usr/lib/debug/lib64
[root at ftgme2 lib64]# ls
libanl-2.14.1.so.debug           libnss_files-2.14.1.so.debug
libanl.so.1.debug@               libnss_files.so.2.debug@
libBrokenLocale-2.14.1.so.debug  libnss_hesiod-2.14.1.so.debug
libBrokenLocale.so.1.debug@      libnss_hesiod.so.2.debug@
libcidn-2.14.1.so.debug          libnss_nis-2.14.1.so.debug
libcidn.so.1.debug@              libnss_nisplus-2.14.1.so.debug
libcrypt-2.14.1.so.debug         libnss_nisplus.so.2.debug@
libcrypt.so.1.debug@             libnss_nis.so.2.debug@
libdl-2.14.1.so.debug            libpcprofile.so.debug
libdl.so.2.debug@                libresolv-2.14.1.so.debug
libm-2.14.1.so.debug             libresolv.so.2.debug@
libmemusage.so.debug             librt-2.14.1.so.debug
libm.so.6.debug@                 librt.so.1.debug@
libnsl-2.14.1.so.debug           libSegFault.so.debug
libnsl.so.1.debug@               libthread_db-1.0.so.debug
libnss_compat-2.14.1.so.debug    libthread_db.so.1.debug@
libnss_compat.so.2.debug@        libutil-2.14.1.so.debug
libnss_dns-2.14.1.so.debug       libutil.so.1.debug@

[root at ftgme2 lib64]# grep cosh *
Binary file libm-2.14.1.so.debug matches
Binary file libm.so.6.debug matches
[root at ftgme2 lib64]# grep vsnprintf *
[root at ftgme2 lib64]#

I get hits on "fprintf", but not in any library I would think is 
associated with stdio-common.

Do we exclude these deliberately for some reason ?  Or am I totally off 
the mark ?

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