[Mageia-dev] List of un-maintained packages

Manuel Hiebel manuel at hiebel.eu
Tue Nov 29 23:33:09 CET 2011

Le mardi 29 novembre 2011 à 17:36 +0000, Colin Guthrie a écrit :
> 'Twas brillig, and Bruno Cornec at 28/11/11 12:41 did gyre and gimble:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I received recently a mail from Samuel Verschelde asking me to look
> > again at the list of un-maintained packages in mageia (either
> > http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/data/unmaintained.txt or by mgarepo maintdb
> > get | grep nobody). Thanks for the reminder !
> > 
> > I was really surprised of what I found, and I'm pretty sure some people
> > have not registered themselves as package maintainer correctly. I can't
> > believe we could have a working distribution without people in charge
> [...]
> > (And this is really a list of what looks to me mandatory, I'm sure each
> > here will make its own, with differences).
> As I've said before I'm happy to be part of a group that maintains some
> core things (udev, pam, initscripts to name a few) but I don't have the
> time or energy to be the sole official maintainer.
> Until someone actually implements some sensible way of handling groups,
> I doubt the maintainership (or rather the lack thereof) of some of the
> core packages will change much. :s
> Sadly I've not really got the time or energy to look at implementing the
> afore mentioned sensible way of handling groups either!
> Col

Feel free to add something in a wiki page: like here

Personally (and it's going the same for the bugsquad), for new bugs, we
add in cc the committers of the package, but if you don't like that, we
can go with the specific groups way.

Committer list of each unmaintained packages:

Manuel Hiebel

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