[Mageia-dev] Consolidation of the spelling tools in Mageia

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Wed Nov 30 07:13:00 CET 2011

Jerome Quelin a écrit :
> hi,
> On 11/11/28 17:28 -0500, andre999 wrote:
>>> so i there some kind of meta-package which is responsible for obsoleting
>>> packages that should be uninstalled?
>> Why not do what boklm suggested on Mageia-dev (2011-11-20 18:01) :
> you don't answer the question. i'm not asking what to do in svn, that's
> pretty easy. but if we do only what you suggest, then the packages will
> stay installed on systems upgraded from mageia 1. and if the package is
> unmaintained, we don't want that to happen: we want the package to be
> uninstalled from all mageia 2 installs.
> the question is: how? which package is to obsolete the list of unwanted
> softs?
> jérôme

Sorry, I should have realised that you were asking more than that :/
When a package is dropped, do we usually try to force its' removal ?

In this case, we are mostly trying to minimise the spellcheckers that we 
support.  Once we drop a package, we no longer support it.  So if 
someone has a problem with it, our solution would be "install hunspell".

If it hasn't already been done, we should mention it being dropped in 
the release notes.

To obsolete the other spellcheckers, it seems to me that the only place 
to put the obsolete to be reliably executed would be in hunspell.
If the user doesn't have hunspell installed, then either they are using 
another spellchecker (which would be their choice, and we wouldn't be 
supporting), or none at all.

another 2 cents :)


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