[Mageia-dev] RFC: Improvements for ioquake3 package and related games

Juan Luis Baptiste juancho at mageia.org
Wed Nov 30 15:23:09 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 3:58 AM, zezinho <lists.jjorge at free.fr> wrote:
> Le lundi 28 novembre 2011 05:47:19, Juan Luis Baptiste a écrit :
> Please go on. Some ideas :
> 1.Will the download have a nice window? I mean download speed/time till end,
> stop button, etc. Because this are big downloads, not like flash-player-plugin.

Yes, that's how it currently works. A GTK window shows up at first run
displaying the game's license and upon confirmation it will show
another window for the game data download, with a progress bar,
download speeds etc and an option to switch mirrors (haven't tried it

> 2. As user, I would expect the download to happen at install time, rather than
> first run. It could be run in the post?

Well as Pascal said in another email I'm not sure it is a good idea, I
think there's nothing wrong with doing the download at first run. Also
if we move the download to %pre or %post then we can't use the graphic
window which would be a loss in user friendliness IMO.

I'm almost set to commit my modifications tonight, I have been working
on the download and install scripts for Smokin' Guns but the need more


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