[Mageia-dev] Packager vote reported

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Jan 5 13:01:47 CET 2011

Le mercredi 05 janvier 2011 à 02:33 -0500, andre999 a écrit :
> Michael Scherer a écrit :
> >
> > Ok so the problem was on postfix side, as it tried to do ssl without
> > certificate. Disabling it corrected the issue on my vm, and I pushed the
> > fix to our production servers. I will of course add the certificate in
> > puppet, but later,
> I assume that this means that your fix isn't yet activated.
> But just in case, I just tried it again (I know, I'm impatient), and it 
> still doesn't work.

The fix is on smtp, as it prevented epoll from sending too much mail at
once. So the mail should be sent again ( I think ).

> (Unless we don't use our mageia wiki password.  Or it isn't configured 
> for my account - andre999)

No, epoll is independent from any account.

> > as Commissioner Gordon just called me to fight the
> > Joker.
> Now we know your alter-ego :)

That's bad, it mean I have to kill you :)

Michael Scherer

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