[Mageia-dev] Compatibility: %mdkversion macro?

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Sun Jan 16 12:32:24 CET 2011

Le dimanche 16 janvier 2011 11:26:54, Angelo Naselli a écrit :
> In data domenica 16 gennaio 2011 00:07:56, Anssi Hannula ha scritto:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > Should we have a %mdkversion (and %mdkver/%mdvver) that is hardcoded to
> > 201100 for the time being, or should we not have one at all?
> > 
> > Not having it will cause any src.rpms that have any
> > "%if %mdkversion < x" to fail to build.
> > 
> > I'm strongly in favor of having it for compatibility reasons, so that
> > most MDV src.rpms keep building on Mageia for the time being, including
> > those provided by any 3rd party packagers.
> > 
> > Not having the macro will cause us to lose that compatibility for very
> > little benefit, IMO. It could maybe be removed after several releases,
> > but not before.
> I believe you're right at the moment, now that we're importing things,
> but after the very first time, starts becoming nonsense since
> i believe we're going to work on our packages distro per distro not taking
> every time srpms from mandriva as we're doing now.

Well, it may be a naïve hope, but I thought I could maintain the same spec file 
for Mandriva and Mageia for my packages. It's not just a matter of importing 
SRPMS from Mandriva to Mageia.

> > However, it seems blino disagreed with this, and he thinks we should not
> > have these macros at all.
> the good should be to have some common macros the allows us to build
> packages form one distro to other. I ported in my rhel 4 and 5 mkrel to get
> most compatibility to mandriva specs. But now fedora (hope rhel 6 as well)
> uses %dist so why not to use a common point to that macro and extend
> compatibility?

OK with that.


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