[Mageia-dev] Proposal for Mageia: implement bitorrent protocol to allow updates download

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Jan 20 10:57:23 CET 2011

Olivier Thauvin a écrit :
> * andre999 (andr55 at laposte.net) wrote:
>> Motoko-chan a écrit :
>> Many mirror sites do restrict multiple connexions (per user), so
>> evidently it is readily done.  If a mirror chooses not to make such
>> restrictions, that is their choice.  It is not good form (to put it
>> mildly) for some mirrors to try to dictate mirror policy for other
>> mirrors, which could have different interests.
>> Limiting the connexion speed could be an easy way to ensure that usually
>> everyone who wishes to connect can do so in busy times.  In less busy
>> times, multiple connexions to such mirrors causes no problem.
> It seems you didn't understood my previous replies, or not read them, or
> you're just ignoring them (maybe you're doing all of this together).
> How can you say "multiple connexions to such mirrors causes no problem"
> whereas I am trying to explain you it causes problems.

I understood what you said.  I just disagree.
To summerize the essence of my previous posts, if a mirror decides to 
allow multiple connexions, apparently they have no problems with that, 
as they could readily deny such connexions.
So how to you think that you have the right to deny their decision to 
allow multiple connexions on _their_ site ?
If you have a problem with multiple connexions on _your_ site, you have 
every right -- and probably should -- restrict such access to your site, 
in whatever way you wish.  And on-one has the right to dictate to you 
how to run your site.
Hopefully my point is now clear.

Regards :)


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