[Mageia-dev] the state of perl rebuild

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 09:26:01 CET 2011


On 11/01/24 22:54 +0100, Erwan Velu wrote:
> Le 24/01/2011 12:37, Jerome Quelin a écrit :
> I've been working on thoses ones. I didn't had too much look on the
> other yet.

thank you very much, i'm appreciating it.

> > perl-X-Osd                                  miss xosd-devel
> Xosd is requesting very old gnome libs. It might not worth the game.
> It suggest letting xosd & this perl package aside.

this one is only needed by xchat-osd. i don't really care if we leave
it alone.

here's an updated list:
perl-X-Osd                                  miss xosd-devel
perl-Tie-TextDir                            build error
perl-MooseX-ChainedAccessors                build error
perl-Youri-Package-RPM-Builder              build error
perl-CSS                                    build error
perl-Devel-Arena                            build error
perl-Devel-LeakTrace                        miss glib, deprecated, see perl-Devel-LeakTrace-Fast (or whatever on cpan)
perl-GD                                     build error
perl-Heimdal-Kadm5                          miss heimdal-devel
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP                        build error
perl-Sys-Virt                               miss libvirt-devel
perl-Test-Benchmark                         build error
perl-re-override                            build error
perl-Libconf                                build error
perl-AcePerl                                build error
perl-Crypt-DSA                              build error
perl-Crypt-Rijndael                         build error
perl-Inline-Python                          build error (bug opened upstream, should be resolved by next release)
perl-Mail-SPF-Query                         build error (need to check patch)
perl-Petal                                  build error
perl-namespace-clean                        build error
perl-Youri-Package                          build error
perl-SDL                                    miss libSDL_Pango-devel
perl-bioperl                                miss perl(GD) (needed by perl-Data-Stag)
perl-Gtk2-Spell                             miss gtkspell-devel
perl-Gtk2-Recent                            miss gtkspell-devel
perl-Gtk2-TrayManager                       miss gtkspell-devel
perl-Gtk2-CV                                miss gtkspell-devel
perl-HTML-Widget                            build error
perl-Sys-Info                               build error
perl-Gtk2-Phat                              miss phat-devel
perl-Devel-ebug                             build error
perl-Path-Dispatcher-Declarative            build error
WWW-Google-Images                           build error
mason                                       miss libapreq2

jquelin at gmail.com

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