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Richard Couture rrc at LinuxCabal.org
Sun Feb 6 16:35:12 CET 2011

I posted this message a while back, but never received a response,..

We, LinuxCabal, have our servers at CloudSigma in Switzerland. I was 
writing to them yesterday and mentioned that Mageia was a fork of 
Mandriva and that the Mageia team might benefit from server space as 

   As you may know, Mandriva is in a state of flux due to financial
   considerations and may cease to exist.  As such, Mageia has forked
   out by the original developers of Mandrake/Mandriva and has gathered
   most of the original developers on the new team.  As such they are
   looking for places where they can set up their CVS servers as well as
   mirror sights to host the distribution, the first version of which is
   due in June.

   I have managed a local copy of the Mandriva Distribution here at
   LinuxCabal for years which our users can access from our local
   internal net to install and to update from during our weekly Install
   Fests.  Each version uses about 100G of disk space.

   I mention this to see if Cloud Sigma would want to host a site for
   them. I think that it would possibly be a great source of
   promotional advertising for you.

   If you are interested, I can put you in contact with the correct
   people at Mageia or LinuxCabal can actually manage the sight with
   little or no change to our present configuration.

They responded as follows:

   In terms of Mageia, I think this sounds like an interested
   opportunity and possibility to collaborate. Please feel free to put
   them in touch with me in order to see how we might assist them.

This came from Robert Jenkins whose email is robert at cloudsigma.com
Robert is in a position to donate server space.

Their service has been been excellent.


On 02/06/2011 06:25 AM, Blinov Vyacheslav wrote:
> В сообщении от Четверг 27 января 2011 03:17:26 автор Maarten Vanraes написал:
>> Hi,
>> I know -dev team doesn't exist yet, but in spite of that: some of us may be
>> needed.
>> Yesterday in the packaging meeting[1], misc and Stormi talked about the
>> 3days they went to a Cross-Distro App Installer Meeting[2]. As far as I
>> understood, our involvement in AppStream[3] is 4 part:
>>   - mageia-app-db would like to use the metadata to display on the site.
>>   - sophie would like some of the metadata too.
>>   - mageia could work on making packagekit support work (it does not replace
>> rpm or urpmi in any way, it is cross-distro and just delegates the work to
>> urpmi (in our case).)
>>   - mageia would then package AppStream in the distro. (Nothing is being
>> said as being used by default: Note that AppStream only does Applications,
>> while eg: rpmdrake installs packages).
>> Since this concerns mostly packaging, it has had a start-discussion in the
>> packagers' meeting.
>> However:
>>   - mageia-app-db (Stormi: PHP) would like some help.
>>   - sophie (Nanar: Perl) would like some help.
>>   - packagekit support (misc: Perl) would need to be finalized.
>> ( requires intimate knowledge of perl-URPM )
>>   - someone will have to package AppStream eventually.
>> afaik shikamaru would help with sophie, so i think that is covered.
>> So this leaves:
>>   - PHP for mageia-app-db
>>   - Perl-URPMI related stuff for packagekit support (i might have some time
>> for this, not sure yet)
>> Now then, if there is anyone from -dev team who is inclined to help out,
>> please, tell us :-)
>> Regards,
>> Maarten (aka AL13N)
>> [1]: http://www.mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=meetings#packaging_team
>> [2]: http://www.mageia.org/pipermail/mageia-discuss/20110126/003418.html
>> [3]: http://distributions.freedesktop.org/wiki/AppStream/MetadataNotes
> I am still interested in dev team althrough I'm already in i18n.
> Just noticed this letter -_-
> I can help with PHP development and html\css\js things, althrough I'm not a
> pro I will try my best.

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