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Talus Portugal cbr_talus46 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 6 22:07:09 CET 2011

I have deep knowledge of php if I can be of help.
please let me know.

C. Roger

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Le 6 févr. 2011 17:24, "Richard Couture" <rrc at linuxcabal.org> a écrit :
> I posted this message a while back, but never received a response,..
hi richard 
just checked and it looks like contact washington done. anyway boklm will mail 
you tonight about this 

> We, LinuxCabal, have our servers at CloudSigma in Switzerland. I was writing to 
>them yesterday and mentioned that Mageia was a fork of Mandriva and that the 
>Mageia team might benefit from server space as follows:
>  As you may know, Mandriva is in a state of flux due to financial
>  considerations and may cease to exist.  As such, Mageia has forked
>  out by the original developers of Mandrake/Mandriva and has gathered
>  most of the original developers on the new team.  As such they are
>  looking for places where they can set up their CVS servers as well as
>  mirror sights to host the distribution, the first version of which is
>  due in June.
>  I have managed a local copy of the Mandriva Distribution here at
>  LinuxCabal for years which our users can access from our local
>  internal net to install and to update from during our weekly Install
>  Fests.  Each version uses about 100G of disk space.
>  I mention this to see if Cloud Sigma would want to host a site for
>  them. I think that it would possibly be a great source of
>  promotional advertising for you.
>  If you are interested, I can put you in contact with the correct
>  people at Mageia or LinuxCabal can actually manage the sight with
>  little or no change to our present configuration.
> They responded as follows:
>  In terms of Mageia, I think this sounds like an interested
>  opportunity and possibility to collaborate. Please feel free to put
>  them in touch with me in order to see how we might assist them.
> This came from Robert Jenkins whose email is robert at cloudsigma.com
> Robert is in a position to donate server space.
> Their service has been been excellent.
> Richard
> On 02/06/2011 06:25 AM, Blinov Vyacheslav wrote:
>> В сообщении от Четверг 27 января 2011 03:17:26 автор Maarten Vanraes написал:
>>> Hi,
>>> I know -dev team doesn't exist yet, but in spite of that: some of us may be
>>> needed.
>>> Yesterday in the packaging meeting[1], misc and Stormi talked about the
>>> 3days they went to a Cross-Distro App Installer Meeting[2]. As far as I
>>> understood, our involvement in AppStream[3] is 4 part:
>>>  - mageia-app-db would like to use the metadata to display on the site.
>>>  - sophie would like some of the metadata too.
>>>  - mageia could work on making packagekit support work (it does not replace
>>> rpm or urpmi in any way, it is cross-distro and just delegates the work to
>>> urpmi (in our case).)
>>>  - mageia would then package AppStream in the distro. (Nothing is being
>>> said as being used by default: Note that AppStream only does Applications,
>>> while eg: rpmdrake installs packages).
>>> Since this concerns mostly packaging, it has had a start-discussion in the
>>> packagers' meeting.
>>> However:
>>>  - mageia-app-db (Stormi: PHP) would like some help.
>>>  - sophie (Nanar: Perl) would like some help.
>>>  - packagekit support (misc: Perl) would need to be finalized.
>>> ( requires intimate knowledge of perl-URPM )
>>>  - someone will have to package AppStream eventually.
>>> afaik shikamaru would help with sophie, so i think that is covered.
>>> So this leaves:
>>>  - PHP for mageia-app-db
>>>  - Perl-URPMI related stuff for packagekit support (i might have some time
>>> for this, not sure yet)
>>> Now then, if there is anyone from -dev team who is inclined to help out,
>>> please, tell us :-)
>>> Regards,
>>> Maarten (aka AL13N)
>>> [1]: http://www.mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=meetings#packaging_team
>>> [2]: http://www.mageia.org/pipermail/mageia-discuss/20110126/003418.html
>>> [3]: http://distributions.freedesktop.org/wiki/AppStream/MetadataNotes
>> I am still interested in dev team althrough I'm already in i18n.
>> Just noticed this letter -_-
>> I can help with PHP development and html\css\js things, althrough I'm not a
>> pro I will try my best.
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