[Mageia-dev] New mockups about mageia-app-db

Fabrice Facorat fabrice.facorat at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 13:42:28 CET 2011

2011/2/7 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>> On 6 February 2011 23:17, Fabrice Facorat <fabrice.facorat at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > 2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>> >>> 2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>> >>> >> 2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:

>> > whereas eventually I may know about release ( Mageia 2011 ), I may not
>> > know about updates/backports/testing/....
>> > What's the point fo browsing by release ? It's an application
>> > database, so you should browse by applications.
> this mockup depends for some aspects on the current implementation:
> i agree about browsing only by applications, but for power users is important
> also the updates/backports/testing/ option.

It's depend on the workflow.
Do you want to :
- quickly be able to see all backports packages for a release
- or see the differents versions for a package

IMHO for the former, you'd better add a query/report page where the
user could select some filters and then have an answer. Some of the
filters category :
release = <distribution_version1>, <distribution_version_2>
category = <release>, <backport>, <testing>
sort by = <category>, <release date>

You should keep the UI simple, and then add a query page to allow
complex queries for power users.

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