[Mageia-dev] New mockups about mageia-app-db

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Mon Feb 7 22:55:47 CET 2011

Le dimanche 6 février 2011 13:00:00, vous avez écrit :
> hi Samuel,
> these are my last 2 mockups about mageia-app-db project. i've added mageia-
> discuss and mageia-dev in the CC list so anyone can share his opinion about
> these mockups, giving us comments and ideas that can improve the tool.
> please, tell me what do you think about it
> homepage: http://img209.imageshack.us/i/mageiafindouthomepage.jpg/
> browsing page: http://img696.imageshack.us/i/mageiafindoutbrowsingpa.jpg/


I'll answer directly to the other mails and then if I have more to add I'll 
add something in another reply.

> cheers,
> Marcello
> PS= i've noticed 0.1 release is ready, is it time for a blog post?

Yes, we tagged the 0.1 release, but we haven't planned to communicate before 
version 0.2 because there are many many things that people are going to tell 
and that we just already know (like : usability is not good, filtering summary 
takes too much space, and so on). Moreover, counting from version 0.2 mageia-
app-db will have regular synchronization from sophie (ie it will become 
"alive" :)), which is not the case at the moment.


Samuel Verschelde

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