[Mageia-dev] RPM5 AND MAGEIA

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Wed Mar 2 17:10:10 CET 2011

devzero2000 a écrit :
> Hi to Mageia
> I am part of rpm5 (but I follow rpm from more than 10 years) and
> recently I did join Mageia, although I almost always used for work
> other distros and OS (AIX, SVR4) that I also deal with Mandriva and
> security (CEH) https: / /
> www.redhat.com/wapps/training/certification/verify.html?certNumber=805007215126804&verify=Verify
> Apart from the rest - of which i will ask for sponsorship when it will
> be - I wanted to know if there are plans to move to rpm5 by Mageia,
> such as Mandriva has been doing lately. Rpm5 already has a builtbot
> with Magela and rpm5. I can, if you can think useful or have plan for
> this, lay the necessary modification to enter into rpm5 Mageia, with
> the features of Mandriva cooker - fingerprint, syslog, etc. without
> trademark ecc- and produce a first rpm rpm5 for mageia , which also
> contains the functionality required by the passage to the "RPM
> ACID " feauture (berkeley db conversion)
> is there interest? Then if someone wants to directly participate in
> rpm5 I think that there should also be no problem.
> Opinions ?
> Regards

As you can see from the other reponses, we are preoccupied with other 
priorities, and rpm5 remains controversial.
But if you can help Mandriva solve their problems with rpm5, you 
certainly enhance the chances of it eventually being adopted by Mageia.


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