[Mageia-dev] default kde media player

Rémi Verschelde rverschelde at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 23:10:59 CET 2011

When you say "media" player, does it concern stricty video playing or
should the default media player be suitable for both video and audio?
Personally I like to keep these two separated, I feel that a
specialised player will best fulfil its purpose than a multimedia
player like Windows Media Player.

I love to use VLC to play videos, because it's simple, work out of the
box and efficiently. I have some issues with it (it doesn't manage to
play some videos with recent hi-res codecs), but I think that is
related to my crappy hardware - actually my whole Mandriva install is
crumbling apart. When I have an issue with VLC, I use mplayer
directly. VLC is one of the most popular video players in France
(maybe because the VideoLAN project began in Paris?), but I don't know
if it is widely used in the rest of the world.
I agree that the play-list of VLC is a bit strange, but since I don't
use it to listen to music that's not a big problem for me.

For playing music, I use Clementine, for I liked Amarok 1.4 but I
can't stand Amarok 2.
Before I discovered Clementine, I used Quod Libet but I think that it
is more suited to a GNOME environment.

Rémi / Akien.

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