[Mageia-dev] Non-free firmwares in installer

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Sun Mar 27 16:53:48 CEST 2011

Quote: Frank Griffin wrote on Sun, 27 March 2011 15:03
> On 03/26/2011 08:58 PM, Tux99 wrote:
> >
> > And why should all of us suffer the hassle of a DVD + a CD (how
> > would that
> > work for all those that use USB-sticks, do they now need two
> > sticks?
> I guess you must have missed the six or so times I stated that I don't
> give a rat's whatever about whether there's one ISO or two. 
> Personally, 
> I'd say go with one, and if there's a space issue, go to a DL.  But 
> that's a flame war for some other day.....

No flame war, but since you were using colourful expressions such as
"bending over backwards" I just wanted to point out that that's even more
so the case with a separate firmware CD to please the more extreme free
software fanatics.

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