[Mageia-dev] kde-l10n-en_US package changes

Ahmad Samir ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 04:22:05 CEST 2011


Previously the kde-l10n-en_US package was produced from the kdelibs4
scr.rpm, this is an almost virtual package as it only contained one
single file. The main purpose behind that split was so as not to force
users who use the en_US system locale to install kde-l10n-en_GB
package to satisfy the 'kde-l10n' requires in lib*kdecore5.

This had a few problems, as:
1) kde-l10n-en_US had an Epoch, inherited from the the kdelibs4 spec,
from where it comes from
2) it had a different release than the rest of the kde-l10n packages
(that're produced by kde-l10n src.rpm).

This has been changed and now kdelibs4 won't produce kde-l10n-en_US,
instead that virtual package will come from the kde-l10n src.rpm, this
should make it easier for users to select which kde-l10-* they want
when installing task-kde4; previously kde-l10n-en_US was installed no
matter what due to a wrong requires in lib*kdecore5, however even
after fixing that bit, urpmi selected it without asking (either due to
1) or 2) above, or to some other reason that I don't know :)).

Since the old kde-l10n-en_US-4.6.2-7.mga1 had an Epoch, you'll need to
remove it manually:
# rpm -e --nodeps kde-l10n-en_US

This issue only existed in Cooker and now in Cauldron, both are
development releases, so no automatic obsoletes will be added (as this
would interfere with the new package from kde-l10n src.rpm which
doesn't have an Epoch)

@sysadm team: please remove kde-l10n-en_US-4.6.2-7.mga1 from the
master mirror manually, so that the new kde-l10n can be submitted.

Ahmad Samir

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