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Remco Rijnders remco at webconquest.com
Sun May 8 10:21:40 CEST 2011

On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 06:24:10AM +0100, Zé wrote:
>Im not getting the point, isnt this to be a Mageia first .po file?
>For me theres no difference about keeping the changelog, i just putt
>like it was in transifex thats why theres such a log.
>In fact i started sending into transfix the mandriva .po files.

Hi Zé,

All the .po files are already present in Mageia's svn (see 
http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/ ). These have been cleaned for Mandriva -> 
Mageia references already. You should use these files from Mageia's svn as 
a basis for your translation work, not any files from Mandriva's svn.

When you start translating using transifex, you can upload these files 
there. For files which are already 100% properly translated, you don't 
have to commit them back to Mageia's svn, only do this for files with 
updated translations.

One of the current issues with transifex though is that it strips 
copyright and translation notices. This is a known issue. Should you have 
any changed .po files to commit to the subversion repository, and if you 
are able to, ensure original credits are left in place. If this is not 
possible or too much trouble, we (i18n team, as discussed in the last 
meeting) hope to come up with a workable solution to this issue in the 
near future.

I hope this clarifies.



PS. Transifex is meant as a tool to facilitate collaboration on 
translation files. If you are the sole person working on this languages 
translation, you may decide to use transifex as a medium which you only 
push the updated files to, and don't commit anything to svn from it.
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