[Mageia-dev] Please ensure that packages have higher version than in mandriva 2010.2

Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hp.com
Sun May 8 21:50:18 CEST 2011

Pascal Terjan said on Sun, May 08, 2011 at 01:48:44PM +0100:
> mondo 0: <= 0:2.29.3-1mdv2010.1

I'm still looking for a solution that would allow us to follow the right
numbering for the life of Mageia, without forcing the usage of Epoch.

The only solution I see, would be to move upstreram back to 2.30 or 3.x,
but the modifications I'm making there are really on a stable branch and
do not justify at all that numbering (I did the reverse 5 years ago)

Is there a way to ask urpmi to remove mondo first if it is installed ?
Or use the skip.list to avoid playing with it in that version ?
Looking at urpmi man pages, it doesn't seem there is one conf file that
could allow with rules to force certain actions to be taken to orientate
the upgrade.

Or not provide mondo in this version, and install the right one in the
next one ?
I know that none of these look interesting :-(

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