[Mageia-dev] Change default asian font of libreoffice writer?

You-Cheng Hsieh yochenhsieh at gmail.com
Mon May 23 04:30:17 CEST 2011


The current default asian font of libreoffice writer is 'Droid Sans'.
Unfortunately, it cannot display any asian font characters. And
libreoffice does not use any system font for fallback while the used
font does not have characters of wanted language[note].

I would like to suggest if we could change it to 'Droid Sans
fallback', which would be able to display asian characters correctly.
The default western and asian fonts of libreoffice writer can be
changed in libreoffice options manually. Though it would be better if
the default font setting just does it right.

note: The wanted "font fallback" behavior is explained with more
detail in bug 751:


You-Cheng Hsieh

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