[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release firefox-13.0-4.mga3

Barry Jackson zen25000 at zen.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 10:42:29 CEST 2012

On 04/06/12 08:45, Thierry Vignaud wrote:
> On 4 June 2012 09:35, Olav Vitters<olav at vitters.nl>  wrote:
>> Anyone notice this firefox not rendering some text properly? If I mouse
>> over some text it sometimes gets distorted, some text doesn't render at
>> all (like the text is transparent), etc.
I filed a bug on this yesterday -


> With which x11 driver?
> Does it work better if you revert lib*cairo* to their mga2 version

I'll try that

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