[Mageia-dev] GNOME plans

Olav Vitters olav at vitters.nl
Mon Jun 4 16:24:30 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 09:13:53PM +0800, Kira wrote:
> Well, I think the main point of arguing about this issue is that most
> people is mostly used to other input method and they don't care about
> iBus...
> Still 2 points to be answered especially for Mageia here:
> 1. In MCC, we can set up the input method in localedrake, and this
> setting would be system-wide except GNOME about 3.6+. This should be
> mentioned, because it would destroy the unified user experience.

As said, I don't code. And unified experience I care for GNOME, that it
works consistently. I care about freedesktop.org standards. I don't care
for differences between distributions. E.g. MCC is great, but I prefer
if it didn't exist. MCC is only Mageia/Mandriva, another distro has
other things, etc.
I prefer something in gnome-control-center.

> 2. For users who want other input method, is there a easy way to do it?
> I must remind here: I think most developer in GNOME don't really know the
> pain for our CJK user here. Whether iBus or other input method all
> don't meet the completeness that most people need. iBus continuously
> lost the word typed, Hime/GCIN, and others more don't have easy way to
> add up other input module, and scim/oxim... and more are even out of
> maintenance.

iBus losing words sounds like something fixable.  Fairly strange that it
does that though.

And that most developers don't know much about CJK, agreed. That's why
it is important to figure it out. I even have less of a grasp, as not a

> The main point of issue is that we hope to have the freedom and have
> the input method that fit each other's need( There's at least 10+
> input modules exist), and the way GNOME implement the unified input
> method had very bad impression for us.

GNOME is not about being able to change loads of things since
development of 2.0 began. You say you need the freedom to ensure the
input method does what you want.

So why not ensure the default input method does what you want?

I get the impression that each time a new input method is abandoned,
some new project is started, gets abandoned again, etc. Resulting in a
wish for the ability to always being able to change the input method.

> You guys do a good job, but the decision of easily bundle up a single
> input method is really a bad idea, because not all people want to
> contribute to iBus project, and they already have effort on other
> input methods.

Of course there are developers involved in other input methods. But
not doing something because they might get offended.. this is not really
how a decision would be taken. Focus is on what gives a nice experience.


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