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Richard Couture rrc at linuxcabal.org
Mon Jun 4 20:06:16 CEST 2012

I'm in full agreement, however the point of my initial post was not to 
obtain an evaluation of the merits of being able to, as part of the 
install as was the case in versions previous to system D, but to ask if 
a mechanism, providing the same function as was previously available, 
through msec or whatever, is in the plans...

I value(d) this option and think that replacing it with whatever 
mechanism is necessary would be an asset to Mageia, whereas I now view 
it's lack of function as a loss.

Perceptions are really important as can be seen in the various reviews 
which condemn for seemingly irrelevant details...



On 06/04/2012 06:10 AM, Buchan Milne wrote:
> On Sunday, 3 June 2012 17:52:47 Colin Guthrie wrote:
>  > On the whole, this kind of "security" is basically bullshit anyway.
> You can't make that assessment without understanding the rest of the
> security environment.
>  > It
>  > might make things a tiny bit harder, but if you can get into the
>  > bootloader to append a 1 on the command line,
> Maybe you *can't* append anything you like to the command-line. Maybe
> the bootloader configuration has a 'boot single' option, which should
> require entry of the root password to access the system.
>  > you can also append
>  > init=/bin/bash too which totally bypasses everything too.
> Not if the bootloader configuration is password protected (IOW, you can
> boot any configured option, but if you want to modify anything, you need
> to provide a password, different from the root password).
>  > So while it's
>  > maybe a nice idea, for all practical purposes, it's not any kind of real
>  > security anyway, so don't rely on it!
> No security implementation relies on a single control being in place. A
> numebr of modern security best practices have thousands of controls, and
> the requirement for a password to be entered to boot single is almost
> always one of them, and a requirement for a bootloader password is
> usually another.
> Regards,
> Buchan

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