[Mageia-dev] GCC and GLIBC plans for mga3

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Mon Jun 11 14:14:01 CEST 2012


here is my current plan for landing new GLIBC and GCC on Cauldron.

GCC-4.7.1 is currently in RC stage and will be finalized by end of
this week if no release-critical bugs shows up.

So after it is actually released I plan to start working on
upgrading  it, probably around the end of next week...
(and I will probably sync up with later 4.7.x if released in
  good time before mga3)

Now this upstream GCC timeline matches somewhat the GLIBC one.

GLIBC 2.15.1 release is scheduled for end of this month.

GLIBC 2.16.0 release is scheduled for beginning of next month.

Because of this I have plans to skip 2.15 and go straight for
2.16 (and sync up with 2.16.x ~november '12) for mga3 if it
works better in the tests than the mess called 2.15.

And so far 2.16 seems to be shaping up nicely.
(yes I know 2.17 is sheduled ~november '12 too, but going
  by past glibc schedules and releases I think it will be
  too late for mga3 as I want a very stable core package)

So if we try to "merge" theese schedules somewhat, both new
gcc and glibc should be available ~mid/end july and after
that we should plan for a full rebuild of Cauldron.

Comments? Objections?

Does this sound like a good plan?


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