[Mageia-dev] resolvconf and DHCP domain-search

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Wed Jun 13 00:16:40 CEST 2012

Perhaps a little OT ...

DHCP now includes support for "domain-search", which replaces/augments 
"domain-name" for supplying a dhcp client with a list of domain names to 
search rather than a single one (as "domain-name" does).

I've googled this six ways from Sunday and everything I find indicates 
that support for this in resolvconf was added in version 1.39 (Mageia 
has 1.46).

When I configure my (Mageia) DHCP server with "option domain-name xxx", 
I get a "search xxx" line in my resolv.conf.  If I change it to "option 
domain-search "xxx", "yyy"", I get no search lines at all.

Everything I've read indicates that this should work out of the box.  
/etc/dhcpcd.conf indicates that "domain-search" is being requested from 
the server.

Is anyone else using domain-search, and are you having problems ? And if 
not, was there some magic you had to do to the default MGA configuration 
to get it to work ?

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