[Mageia-dev] gstreamer0.10-faac - package request

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Jun 18 12:03:15 CEST 2012

'Twas brillig, and Simple w at 18/06/12 10:52 did gyre and gimble:
> 2012/6/17 Simple w <simplew8 at gmail.com>:
>> 2012/6/17 Rémi Verschelde <remi at verschelde.fr>:
>>> 2012/6/17 Simple w <simplew8 at gmail.com>:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have been running arist-gtk to encode video and almost all presets
>>>> fail because it needs gstreamer-faac, please see the output:
>>>> ]$ arista-gtk
>>>> ** (process:3757): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype
>>>> 'GMountMountFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'
>>>> ** (process:3757): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype
>>>> 'GDriveStartFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'
>>>> ** (process:3757): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype
>>>> 'GSocketMsgFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'
>>>> ** Message: pygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject)
>>>> arista.presets [435]: INFO Attempting to install elements: faac
>>>> ** Message: PackageKit: xid = 0
>>>> ** Message: PackageKit: Codec nice name: Elemento "faac" do GStreamer
>>>> ** Message: PackageKit: structure: gstreamer0.10(element-faac)()(64bit)
>>>> ** Message: PackageKit: Did not install codec: Message did not receive
>>>> a reply (timeout by message bus)
>>>> arista.presets [444]: ERROR Unable to install required elements!
>>>> Found only 1 preset working so far in arista, seams it uses
>>>> gstreamer-faac in almost all presets...
>>> Did you install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad ?
>> Yes
> Packages like:
> faac
> amrwb
> couldnt exist in non-free repository?
> I see that these packages for example in Fedora they exist in Rpm
> Fusion http://rpmfusion.org/
> Seams to be a repository for packages with license "issues".
> Can this be reviewed in Mageia?
> Currently users are limited to handle video codifications and they
> dont have any option to install faac and amrwb.

As mentioned in the previous email, this particular bit of software has
both license issues *and* patent issues in some countries.

It's the combination of these two things that make things awkward for us
as we have:
 non-free (for software with license issues)
 tainted (for software with patent issues).

To ship this package we would need yet another repository:

And this is the general dilemma. Too many media sources are confusing to
users. But clean separation is important for users who live in certain
jurisdictions (and also potentially for mirror servers in certain
jurisdictions who may not be able to carry tainted, but can carry non-free)

Hope that explains the issue. It would be nice to solve it, but I'm not
sure how without another media than that's a pain to support cleanly.



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