[Mageia-dev] gstreamer0.10-faac - package request

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Tue Jun 19 09:26:52 CEST 2012

> Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> Hope that explains the issue. It would be nice to solve it, but I'm not
>> sure how without another media than that's a pain to support cleanly.
>> Col
> Real life is confusing.  :-(
> Hide the messy bit.  They can edit urpmi.cfg if they want to.
> The user interface should just ask simple questions; like,
> "Do you want to avoid non-free software?",
> "Do you want to avoid possibly patented software?",
> "Do you want to avoid backported software?",
> "Do you want to avoid software not approve by QA yet?", and
> "Do you want to avoid software that gives debug messages?".
> Where each of those questions applies to half of the repositories.
> I am assuming automatic answers to the unasked questions about
> updates and about 64 bit versus 32 bit.  Each of which also
> applies to half of the repositories.
> Five answers handle 128 repositories.
> If you assume that only advance users will want to know about
> backports, testing and debug then you only have to ask TWO
> questions.  Maybe three; non-free, tainted, advanced?
> This should be posted somewhere else, I just don't know where.

actually, i've sent an email in the past about restructuring of the "media
screen" during install.

it's that screen that asks you if you have more media.

we should redesign it as such:


What repositories do you want to use for install? (In case of doubt, just
click 'next'.)

[X] <current media> (that's DVD|LiveCD|USBStick|network... whatever that
is used to install)
[ ] online repositories
[ ] (placeholders for manually added custom repositories)

[X] updates
[ ] backports
[ ] non-free
[ ] tainted
[ ] testing
[ ] debug


since testing and debug is hidden in advanced mode, (and the placeholders
are only added with the advanced button). I think this would be a very
nice screen.

in advanced mode, you could one or more manual repositories (or even a
--distrib repos).

it would even allow for unchecking online repos, and add distrib repos
through an urpmi-proxy server.

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