[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

Malo malo at doc.ic.ac.uk
Thu Jun 21 13:25:24 CEST 2012

On 21/06/12 12:22, Sander Lepik wrote:
> 21.06.2012 13:35, AL13N kirjutas:
>> B. fetch dependencies only from enabled repositories
>> Problems:
>>  - if backports are enabled, dependencies could come from backports
>> instead of release.
>> Solutions for this:
>>  - this can be prevented in various ways: even as simple as the backport
>> packager to bump an update with stricter requires so that the backport
>> wouldn't be fetched (_IF_ it indeed would be incompatible) AND the update
>> could have stricter requires for that new dependency.
> I still can't see how are you going to solve this case:
> I have backports enabled. There are packages that are newer than the one in release. I
> haven't installed them. Now new update requires such package that is both in release and in
> backports. Update will pull package from enabled backports as they are newer - i didn't want
> that.

But enabling backport means that you want that, no?
Otherwise you don't enable backports.

> And you can't just submit new backport that blocks it. Older backports are still
> there. So you can install those if new backport doesn't work for you (the same we have for
> updates at the moment).


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