[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

Claire Robinson eeeemail at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 12:34:22 CEST 2012

On 22/06/12 11:25, Thomas Backlund wrote:
> AL13N skrev 21.6.2012 20:39:
>> Op donderdag 21 juni 2012 17:36:58 schreef Thierry Vignaud:
>>> End users do not know about urpmi.
>>> They knows about mgaupdate which shows them updates and about
>>> rpmdrake which shows everything.
>>> Thy _ONLY_ way for them to get a backport package installed is to
>>> manually select one.
>>> Period.
>> actually, that could change, i think it was stormi who proposed to adjust
>> mgaapplet to handle "backports for end users".
> I dont think we should even think of extending mgaapplet to cover
> backports at this point as we need to focus on fixing #2317 for
> release/updates first...
> When that part is fixed and considered stable, we can think of
> extending it to support backports...
> --
> Thomas

Marking the Release media as update media by default would support 
update medias and backport medias, whatever the policy is later decided 
to be. Unless there is a downside we haven't noticed yet then it looks 
to be a simple fix.


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