[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

Claire Robinson eeeemail at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:29:19 CEST 2012

On 22/06/12 17:00, AL13N wrote:
> Op vrijdag 22 juni 2012 14:46:17 schreef Sander Lepik:
>> 22.06.2012 13:53, AL13N kirjutas
>>> I do agree with you here, except that i'm trying to prevent this from
>>> happening, because it's not something that can be easily fixed.
>>> 1. package A is backported into X
>>> 1b. package A-foo is backported into X-foo (subpackage)
>>> 2. package B is updated into Y at a later date
>>> 3. package update Y has a new dependency A-foo
>>> 4. person has X installed; but didn't install X-foo.
>>> 5. person updates B into Y
>>> result is that Y pulls in as new dependency A-foo
>>> but X conflicts with A-foo
>>> so the update does not happen, and you get an ugly error.
>> Yes, that's what happens when you use backports. But this case can be
>> solved. Person having this problem will install X-foo from backports and
>> case is probably closed (yes! this is what you have to do if you are using
>> backports). If not then s/he is still on his/her own as we are dealing with
>> backports. It's not something you can make bulletproof (and we really
>> shouldn't waste too much time on it).
> which is exactly my point, this is not being "supported" at all...

Perhaps "tested" is a better word :)


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