[Mageia-dev] Remove upgrade functionnality in installer

Anne Nicolas ennael1 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 14:28:30 CEST 2012

Le 23/06/2012 14:24, Marja van Waes a écrit :
> On 23/06/2012 13:50, Anne Nicolas wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I'd like to propose this one:
>> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Feature:RemoveUpgradeInstaller
>> Feel free to comment
>> Cheers
> * Many people (many reporters in the forums) had problems with the
> upgrade function of Mgaapplet, because it doesn't respect the additional
> nonfree (and tainted) repositories that were added by the user. Will
> that be fixed first?
> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6061

Then add it on wiki page for this feature

> * Till when has the period to propose new Features been extended?

Well this is not the subject of this thread. But yes we are late due to 
french event in Paris. I hope we will be able to give a status in the 
beginning of next week
> .
> I told Macxi he was too late to propose
> https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2824&p=21181#p21131

It's not too late. It's not because we have a fixed list of features 
that people cannot propose some and work on it.

> Cheers,
> marja


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