[Mageia-dev] Packagers meeting

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Wed Jun 27 11:52:38 CEST 2012

Thierry Vignaud skrev 27.6.2012 11:55:
> On 27 June 2012 08:11, AL13N <alien at rmail.be> wrote:

>> can we have another talk of bug 2317? to find people willing to make a new
>> patch that's quite more complex?
>> ideally bug 2317 should be fixed before backports opens
> No, it's not related since you can't garanty that every user will get the update
> prior to use backports.
> So there's no need to rush...

Well, its no need to rush it "for backports" as we wont do any linking 
/checking for that (since we dont have any update applet for that either)

But it's absolutely _critical_ to get it done for managing current 
/updates as the amount of extra work to check deps and link them are

At the rate we are linking stuff to updates tree it will soon be
almost like:

pushd media/core/release
for pkg in *.rpm; do ln $pkg ../updates/$pkg;done

And comparing with mdv and their linking they have it easy...

As only /main is supported they only have to check that,
wich means:
~ 2950 srpms
~ 7600 rpms

Compare that to our /core:
~ 9970 srpms
~ 19340 rpms

Then we have /nonfree to cover (as mdv non-free)

Then we have /tainted
(mdv didn't need to think about that either as that was plf)

So as a carrot (or a whip) to get someone to try to fix #2317,
one could say "it needs to be fixed before opening backports"


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