[Mageia-dev] Backports Summary

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Wed Jun 27 12:36:25 CEST 2012

> Thomas Backlund a écrit :
>> Sander Lepik skrev 26.6.2012 23:15:
>>> 26.06.2012 22:25, Thomas Backlund kirjutas:
>>>> * backports is supported as long as the rest of the release
>>>> Comments? Questions ?
>>> I think we should change the wording from "supported" to "tested".
>>> Currently we can
>>> "support" backport with a newer version of the backport. But i don't
>>> think it's a wise move
>>> to mark backports repo as an updates repo. So i don't see how we can
>>> _support_ backports.
>>> And QA has no time to deal with updates for backports (i mean to
>>> search for security holes
>>> in backports). But this can be discussed tomorrow.
>> Well,
>> It's the backporters job to make sure its fixed for security issues as
>> stated by:
>> * if you backport anything, (regardless if you are the real
>>   maintainer or not) you accept the responsibility of
>>   handling the bugreports against the backport and make sure
>>   it gets patched (or upgraded) to get security fixes.
>> It's not supposed to be flagged as an update repo as that would make
>> it upgrade all packages it find in the system with matching backports
>> packages.
>> So we need to either create a "backports update applet" or extend
>> current update applet.
> I would favour extending the current update tools, and then flagging
> backport repos as updates, so that newer backports would be treated as
> updates to already installed backports at the same time as other updates.

actually, since the applet will have to works like this: (cf bug 2317)

1. mark media to get updates from
2. mark seachmedia to get it's dependencies from (release)
3. do updates

extending this to backports does the following:

1. mark update media + backport media
2. mark search media to get it's dependencies from (release)
3. do updates

With regard to dependencies, this means we'd be including backports too,
which means we could use my patch for bug 2317 anyway.

If you don't want this, you'd have to do the updates and backports
separately. which is again quite some complexity.

(besides, if we do have strict requires, to make cherry-picking work, the
problems we'd get from using the patch would go away anyway.

>> (or "worst case" until we get it automated tell the user of backported
>>  packages to make sure they check if a new/fixed rpm is available in
>>  backports)
>> And there will still be some advisory notifying people of new backports,
>> just like we do for security and bugfix updates now.
> +1
>> --
>> Thomas
> --
> André

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