[Mageia-dev] Backports Summary

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Wed Jun 27 13:49:41 CEST 2012

andre999 skrev 27.6.2012 14:40:
> Thomas Backlund a écrit :
>> andre999 skrev 27.6.2012 10:47:

>>> I would favour adding the requirement that the dependancies of the
>>> backport must be available in the next release.  So that we would expect
>> This is esentially stating that we cant backport any bigger version to
>> mga2 /backports than mga3 will havein /release wich means when we hit
>> version freeze for mga3, it also freezes mga2 /backports...
> I'm not following this point.
> What I mean is that if backport xx for mga1 requires yy version 12 in
> mga1, but yy is version 13 in mga2, we would define the requires for yy
> to accept versions 12 to 13 (or maybe wider).

Point is what if you backport version 14 to mga1, and mga2 has version 
13, then upgrade path breaks.


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