[Mageia-dev] Packagers meeting

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Wed Jun 27 17:06:45 CEST 2012

> On 27 June 2012 12:38, Maarten Vanraes <maarten.vanraes at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> can we have another talk of bug 2317? to find people willing to make a
>>>> new patch that's quite more complex?
>>>> ideally bug 2317 should be fixed before backports opens
>>> No, it's not related since you can't garanty that every user will get
>>> the
>>> update prior to use backports.
>>> So there's no need to rush...
>> QA team told me that it would increase their workload dramatically, so i
>> think there is need rush.
> Again, there's no rush to change mgaapplet as anyway, not all users
> will use it.
> We cannot break those systems...
> We have to continue supporting those.
> Once a release is released, we've to support it.
> It's done.

i was under the impression that we would be fixing this for both mgaapplet
and urpmi --update (by changing perl-urpm; like my patch does)

and that we would submit these as updates, so the QA workload goes down

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