[Mageia-dev] unity on mageia

Damian Ivanov damianatorrpm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 22:05:39 CEST 2012


You can easily review it here:
But to sum it up, for packages that are packaged in evert (normal)
distribution we made packages %name-ubuntu
so e.g for gtk3 we have a package gtk3-ubuntu which Provides and Obsoletes gtk3.
But these packages are even not that much, namely: gtk2, gtk3,
gnome-bluetooth (for bluetooth indicator), NetworkManager-gnome (for
Network indicator), gnome-control-center, gsettings-shemas,
gnome-settings-daemon and 3 xorg packages (were AFAIK ubuntu patches
will be in the next upstream version)

2012/9/12 Pacho Ramos <pacho at gentoo.org>:
> El mié, 12-09-2012 a las 12:33 +0200, Damian Ivanov escribió:
>> Hi,
>> My name isDamian Ivanov. Xiao-Long Chen and me are the maintainers of
>> unity desktop environment for openSUSE and Fedora, Xiao-Long
>> additionally maintains
>> also unity on Arch Linux. We use for building the packages the open
>> build service https://build.opensuse.org/project/monitor?project=GNOME
>> %3AAyatana
>> It actually builds install-able and usable packages for Fedora and
>> openSUSE. This week we'll give an official announcement that unity
>> works on openSUSE and will make a live CD available based on openSUSE
>> with unity. We would also like to see Mageia running unity, but this
>> would not be done by us ( I am mainly working on openSUSE, Xiao-Long
>> is working on Fedora and openSUSE). But I offer my help, if you want
>> to do it also with obs on GNOME:Ayatana. At the moment the structure
>> of a package is as follows:
>> => Package
>> ===> package.tar.gz
>> ===> %name-Fedora_17.spec
>> ======> Fedora-123.patch
>> ======> Fedora-456.patch
>> ===> %name.spec (could be also %name-openSUSE_%version.spec)
>> ======> openSUSE-abc.patch
>> ======> openSUSE-def.patch
>> ===> PKGBUILD (for Arch Linux builds, at the moment you won't see lots
>> of them, Xiao-Long is converting his arch packages from aur to go to
>> OBS at the moment)
>> ======> Arch-xyz.patch
>> There are users of Mageia who would love to see it in
>> Mageia: https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=130
>> It would't need to be done that much to get it working on Mageia. The
>> spec files for openSUSE and Fedora are quite similar and based on each
>> other.
>> I experimented with the Mandriva backend to package myself unity for
>> Mandriva and/or Mageia too, but the package naming are way different
>> from the ones of SUSE and Fedora which are quite similar. It would
>> need to be done for every package in GNOME:Ayatana to copy a spec file
>> from suse or fedora as %name-Mageia_%Mageia_ver.spec and adjust the
>> BuildRequires, Requires and the naming. Additionally it would be
>> needed for packages that are only packaged with patches to add the
>> Mageia sources and add the Mageia Patches to apply.
>> At the moment it is worked on the Mageia OBS backend, when it is
>> fixed, is there someone here interested in adjusting the spec files to
>> Mageia?
>> Best regards,
>> Damian Ivanov
> If I don't misremember, unity needs some unofficial patches to be
> applied to gtk+/glib and other libs, how have you worked with that
> problem?
> Thanks for the info :)

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