[Mageia-dev] Mageia 3 final set of isos

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Mon Sep 24 12:33:49 CEST 2012

zezinho skrev 24.9.2012 12:52:
> Em 24-09-2012 09:55, Thomas Backlund escreveu:
>> Just because they have a 64bit hw, it does not mean they have accees
>> to cheap bw since that depends on where they live, what isp they have,
>> and so on...
> Well, we can't keep the same service to users without keeping the same
> number of medias. And we NEED to reduce this number. So let's only
> decide if DVD keeps without nonfree or not. A poll? Both choices will
> keep the same numbers of medias.

Sorry, my response got somewhat easy to misunderstand :)

I meant it only as a response to the:
"it seems much less likely that 64-bit users will have the download
bandwidth problems of many 32-bit users."

> As far as I can see, the easiest way to REDUCE media number is to switch
> Live medias from 700MB to at most DVD size :
> - It removes the different localized version, it is 40% medias less.
> - It does not remove ALL CD-R solutions, as we long as keep DualArch and
> boot.iso media.
> - It fits in most current USB keys (4GB is the lowest size I can see in
> shops).

But many people have only 1-2GB sticks they could re-use ...
Not everyone can go out and buy new hw all the time...

And the downside of getting bigger live images is that they
do get slower to boot...

> Yes, it removes supports for some old hardware solutions, which I
> install often, but we can't keep testing 19 medias. We have still lack
> of QA people!

Yes, I know... I've been doing ISO qa :)
we do need to reduce the media sets...
which is why I earlier in this thread suggested:
- 1 i586 GNOME english liveCD ("works everywhere")
- 1 i586 KDE english   liveCD ("works everywhere")

- 1 i586 GNOME all-lang liveDVD
- 1 i586 KDE   all-lang liveDVD

- 1 x86_64 GNOME all-lang liveDVD
- 1 x86_64 KDE   all-lang liveDVD

That would bring the live* media down from 16 -> 6

And as data point...
With current mga2 livecd package config, building a liveDVD for one
arch/DE results in a liveDVD image with ~ 1GB image size

If we squash more than one DE on the same liveDVD there will be some

- Which DM will we use ? GDM? KDM? XDM? ...?

Then we get the complaints:
- "why should I need to download KDE stuff when I want GNOME"?
- "why should I need to download  GNOME stuff when I want KDE"?
- "why ..."

and the technical side:
- stuffing more than one DE on liveDVDs means altering build process,
   also giving more problem for little if any gain....
- every DE on liveDVDs still need to be validated, so no less testing/QA
- it means testing G/K/XDM starting GNOME/KDE/... so no less testing/QA
- ...



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